Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weather Up Date from Above the Frost Line

From the Weather Woman Above the Frost Line:

Hello Readers,

All weekend April 4th and 5th (2009) we were under extreme weather advisories. Snow they said. I said, no, that can't happen. Sunday, April 6th, it turned dark and windy. Advisories said "Prepare for the hard freeze." The stories got darker and colder, making me believe it could happen. I said, okay, snow, but there will not be a hard freeze here.

Tuesday, April 7th was the strangest weather day ever seen on this mountain. When I woke up, the ground was covered with snow. I went straight out and took some photos. I discovered the dead cat I had buried on Monday but saw no dead Hostas.

Before I had my second cup of coffee the snow had melted.

It snowed again, hard, all morning. Fearing we were in for frozen ground, I bundled up again and went out to rebury the cat my dogs had dug up. It snowed and snowed, covered the road. But, when I put the shovel back in the tool shed and turned around the snow had all melted. Three times snow covered my road. Three times it melted in minutes.

All the while, advisories said, there will be a hard freeze tonight. My red tulips were bending low. I said no. That can't happen here. It's Dogwood Winter. That's all. It's just Dogwood Winter.

And sure enough. Even with two nights below freezing, we had no hard freeze here above the frost line. Not one plant was hit with hard freeze.


Glenda C. Beall said...

I'm glad your beautiful garden was not killed. I covered many plants but I think my budding azaleas were hit hard. I don't know if I'll get blooms this spring. My hostas and bleeding hearts are fine and my tulips have not bloomed yet. So, maybe we missed the freeze we feared.
Love your photos.

Nancy Simpson said...

Glenda, in our area, I believe spring is here. I believe. I believe. Winter is a long way off.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...


I'm so glad your beautiful flowers and plants were not frozen. Living Above the Frost Line sure helps when it snows and the weather throws a hurl. I'm looking forward to speaking with your class. I'm sure it will be a great experience. Sounds like you have very talented students and you will bring out the creativity in each person this week at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

Pat Workman said...

I just love your pictures, Nancy. In fact, your whole blog is a pure pleasure to peruse. I am glad you were able to outsmart the frost and snow this round. I'm also with you—I believe—I believe spring is here for good and all.

I hope you let us know when your class will be reading at the Folk School. I don't make it out very often but I sure will make a special effort to attend.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thank You Pat, The reading is a 4:45 Thursday. I hope you will come.

We're enjoying the week so much. It seems to be flying past .

See you I hope.

Melissa Greene said...

Nancy, it sounds like your weather was just as crazy as the Tennessee weather that week! We typically see some crazy snow/freezing weather in April as well... just nature's reminder that It is always in charge. We had tornadoes here that week, but so far (fingers crossed) no freeze and no dead crape myrtles... or would that be crape murders?