Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weather Report From Above the Frost Line Dec.1, 2009

I looked out and saw my garden folks waiting on the carport. "Please let us come inside for the winter like we always do," they said.

Good-bye to the flowers. I will look one morning soon and they will be totally gone.

These pictures were taken on
November 30, 2009.

Good-bye to to Cleome. Good-bye Garzinnia.
Good-bye May Night Salvia.

Good-bye New Guinea Impatiens and
and Rhododendron blooming in the fall, its buds set for spring.

Good-bye to Nashturtiums
and Japanese Lanterns with seed pods.

Good-bye to the Knock Out Roses and Camellia. They will be the last to go.

The gardener-- signing out from above the frost line.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

The best part is next spring they'll be back. You are truly a gifted gardener. We've had a lot of wild turkeys in our yard lately and big deer too.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

You've had so many lovely flowers and plants this year. I enjoyed very much this posting. Your photos are lovely. You'll have the pictures to enjoy until next year when the flowers bloom again.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thank you Sam and Brenda.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Wish I had your gren thumb. My impatients are dead and my elephant ears are gone. Also my hostas, but I have the spring to look forward to and some more pretty flowers again. Love you photos.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

It's always so special with the first frost, and beautiful too! So crisp and sharp! Wonderful photos of your lovely garden!