Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Full Moon of February ( 2010) is Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

February's full moon will reach fullness on February 28th, but why wait until then to look?

Native Americans named the full moon of February THE FULL SNOW MOON. Some called it Full Hunger Moon, even Famine Moon, especially when winter was harsh and hunting halted.

The Cherokee named it FULL BONY MOON.

Celts called February's moon-- Moon of Ice.


Anonymous said...

That is so interesting, "Full, boney moon." Also,the wren photo
is breathtaking. Glenda Barrett

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks Glenda. Gosh, it is good to hear from you. What a winter this has been! I can't wait to see you when the weather warms. Remember, I told you we'd sit on my dek and have a glass of iced tea one day. I am now beginning to believe it will happen.

À LA GRAHAM said...

Love your blog...such amazing photographs! All I shoot these days are remind me to not forget the world around the plate!

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Nancy, do you know Mary Oliver's Wolf Moon? One of my favorites. I'm trying to do a Wolf Moon too without echoing hers. Hard.
Love the photos! K.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Nancy, full moons are gorgeous to see. Your photos are beautiful. I always enjoy stopping by and seeing life through your lens.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Tonya, Thanks for stopping by my site and thank you for becomming a follower. I appreciate it very much and went right away to see your site. It is beautiful and delicious. I wish you the most success with it.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Kay, Mary Oliver's Wolf Moon poems seemed so familiar to me, I thought for sure I had a copy of it.
But, no. It's not in the books I have. I remember reading it and some of her other moon poems. Well, three more nights an it'll be time to howl.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I enjoyed your posting about the full moon of February. It's so interesting the different names given to this moon. Great posting.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks Brenda Kay. The moon is almost full now. It is beautiful.

I like the names too. Full Bony Moon. I'd like to get that into a poem.