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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Sun Perrennial Garden in the Middle of a Southern Appalachian Diciduous Forest


Last sunday was Easter Sunday. There were very few flowers blooming that day up here on the mountain. I had a visitor who took a few photos, but there was almost nothing except daffodils and forsythia.

On Tuesday, I took this photo of one of the flowering quince bushes in the lower garden.

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, Bloodroot was in full bloom in the woods. The sad thing about Bloodroot is, if you blink, you miss seeing it. You have an opportunity here of about two days to see it, and then it is gone.

Today, April 8th, there is not a single one still blooming. But, there are a million wood anemone standing right near their place.

Here is your last glimpse of the Davy Mountain. The window is closing faster than I have ever seen before.

Bleeding Heart

Forstythia - yellow bells - are almost gone.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a gorgeous spring garden Nancy. You do have a green thumb.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Sam. I've been missing you. I hope all is well. I will visit your site this weekend for sure and hope to see you in person in the future.

One big thing I like about spring - it is a long time until winter. My garden makes me happy and helps me in strange ways. Today my son helped me get a truck load of red mulch. Won't that be out of this world?

Peri said...

Oh Nancy your garden is so beautiful. Thank you for letting me contribute some of my flowers and sweat equity. Peri

Nancy Simpson said...

Peri, You can at least imagine what my garden looks like even though it was only 5 days ago since you saw it. Something happened. It came alive with your visit. Thanks for the flowers. The more I look at the columbine you planted the more it looks like the bleeding heart.

I just took seven more pictures. I can't stop myself.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get Tim to plant the bulbs I bought in a speial place.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

Such beauty from nature. You are very blessed.
I miss the Forsythia; there is none in Florida!

Nancy Simpson said...

Joan Ellen, Thank You. I have 24 Forsythia bushes.
If you are ever this way, I will give you one to try. If you are in the tropics, I do not think it will live.

Tipper said...

Everything is looking pretty and bright at your house. You're so right about the Bloodroot-it doesn't stick around long.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Hi Nancy, how are you? I haven't taken as many photos this spring as last, probably because I've been cleaning--rather, excavating--my office, which is so full of stuff I can't walk across it.
I've pulled back a bit from visiting blogs. I'll be back to you about Poet of the Day before April is over. love, K.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello, Hello,

It is an honor to have you stop by. I know how valuable your time is. Looks like I am finally going to get some help getting my things together and believe me, if it works out, I will be relentless in tossing, tossing, hauling, and burning. Jeremy was sitting here at my computer last weekend and he said something like how I had to get some help and that he intended to call me to check to see if I had called anyone. He kept looking at my bookshelf and the stacks of paper all around my writing area. It is that time of year when we all have to do the "spring cleaning."

About April, it hurts me. It kills me. I can't believe I have not even posted the poet of the month, here in National Poetry Month, although she knows who she is. I found her books today, so there is still hope that I will get it done before then end of the month.

I hope to talk to you one day, but, I know. I know.
We've got to stay up-beat. My best hope is that you are well. As for myself, I am working on it.

Glenda Beall said...

Nancy, I love the photos of all your lovely flowers. So pretty.
And I enjoyed your featured poet for April, Brenda Kay Ledford. Her poems take me to a special place every time I hear them, a place I can see in my imagination.
May I use your site to announce I have a new blog. Google blocked me out of my other blogs and so I have opened the Writers
Circle. www.writerscircle.blogspot.com.
I hope your viewers will visit me sometime and I hope to be able to link back to my old blogs. But for now, I'm starting over.

Susan Woodring said...


Jen said...

Your garden is so lovely and colorful! I would love to take a slow stroll through your garden!