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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Family Remembers Jeff T. Brantley on the Anniversry of his Passing

We Miss Jeffery Taylor Brantley. We Remember Him Every Day, Especially Today, July 8, 2010, three years after his passing.

In May, around Mother's Day our family dedicated a new memorial site to Jeff at the edge of the house near the woods. It was necessary because the the family no longer owns the property where his ashes were scattered. Dot's son sold her house and the spring branch area. It was his to sell. We are okay with this. Life must go on.

Jeff asked that his ashes be scattered near the spring branch where he played as a boy. He asked for a large rock to be place there so his daughter could find the place.

The new site is special because it is nearby, and the huge rock there was placed there by Jeff himself a long time ago when he was helping his mother do some gardening.

During Jeff's hospice, his mother and brothers often went there to talk. His mother called it her "grieving place." This place was dedicated by his mother and a close family friend, Peri Gordon Flohr, in a special ceremony. It is visited by loved ones regularly. It is surely a special place.

Flowers were planted by Tim and Jeremy Brantley Mother's Day weekend. The moon globe was placed by Lynn Hamilton Rutherford and brought by her up from the original memorial site. Peri Gordon Flohr placed a cup of ripe blackberries on the top of the rock.

Stargazer Lilies, planted by his mother from first memorial still bloom each year.

Jeff's daughter, Sarah Michelle Brantley.

Jeff's granddaughter, Savannah Taylor Stell, named Taylor for her grandfather. Note sunglasses.

Jeremy Quoc Phong Brantley, Jeff's brother and official Hospice Nurse.

Friend,Peri Gordon Flour who dedicated the memorial and Jeff's brother Tim Brantley.

Nugget, Jeff's dog.

Cousins Lynn Hamilton Rutherford and her daughter Ali Rutherford.


Peri said...

Nancy, Tim, Jeremy, Sarah, Savannah, and Lynn,
Jeff was a very special man who brought joy to so many people's lives by just showing his infectious smile. I don't really miss him because I still have my memories to keep him close to my heart. Love you all <3

Nancy Simpson said...

Thank you Peri,

Lynn and Ali came on July 8th and Lynn brought a lace cap hydrangea. When the weather cools, I'll get someone to plant it. Lynn also left a fallen star gazer lily on top of the rock with the blackberries you placed there.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Nancy, thank you for this memorial to Jeff, who was a big-hearted son who loved his family and Cherry Mountain. I'm grateful he had this place to come back to in his last days. His spirit must surely mingle with the wind among the flowers you have captured so lovingly in your photographs. I'm glad to see this photo of Jeremy. It's been so long since I last saw him. The places we love harbor the spirits we love.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us! Even though you suffered a tremendous loss, you carried on with charm and grace in spite of the pain. That can be an inspiration to all of us.
It's clear that there was a lot of love within your family, and I believe with all my heart that love is the only lasting thing on this earth. Blessings to you and your family. Glenda Barrett

Anonymous said...

One more thing Nancy. I believe you could grow a flower on a rock!!! A neighbor told my Grandmother that one time because she was such a fine gardener. Glenda Barrett

Nancy Simpson said...

What powerful and caring friends I have! Your love has reached me. Thank you.