Friday, March 4, 2011


My daughter Lynn told me to march forth on March 4th. Go somewhere I had not been before and take a picture. Lynn had recently heard Jane Goodall speak and also had a moment to talk with Jane Goodall about what we all might do. That talk between the two women resulted in "March forth on March 4th"

I went to Mission Dam on the Hiawassee River in Clay County, North Carolina, a place I had never been before.  In the almost fifty years I've lived in the area,  I had often passed roads saying Mission - Dam and thought perhaps there had once been an Indian mission in Clay County years ago. I have not yet learned about a mission, but I did find the dam and Duke Energy Hydro Station.

There is a road crossing the dam with a warning sign. It would be unsafe to loiter in the area.
Also, there are "You will be arrested" signs.

Official photo, Duke Power


Lynn Rutherford said...

Mom .... this is so awesome!!! Now "I" want to go!!! I love the photos!!! I'm about to go out and do my Marching ..... can't wait to see what's around the corner!!! I <3 you!!! Thank you for being a part of March 4th!!!

Lynn Rutherford said...

Mom ... I'm so glad you had such an incredible March 4th! Now "I" want to go there!!! The photos are amazing!!! I can't wait to see what everyone posts!!! So far, we've been around the world! I love you!!!

Joan Ellen Gage said...

We love to cut through to 64 this way! Also, we have been on the dam road--that's d-a-m!

I love the idea of March forth. Sorry I missed it!