Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello friends and fellow writers. It has been a long time, I know.  My journey took me far away, but I am on the return, on the mend. I've missed you, I suspect, more than you have missed me. 

 First thing, I see that I am still a word person. Here's proof. Some words found inside and some words found outside of my home.

Let me hear from you. Send a comment or an e mail or call me.


Nancy Simpson said...

Blogger is demanding a cell phone number but I do not have one. Do all of you out there have cell phones?

Robert S. King said...

Nancy, I don't have a cell phone, but I do have a blogger account. Maybe you could just repeat your home number in the cell phone field?

Joan Ellen Gage said...

You can skip this step if you click on the tiny link at the bottom of the page that says, I think, "skip this step"

I hope you are feeling better!


Glenda said...

Nancy, so happy you are home. Good to have you posting on your blog.
I love the review on Clarence`S BOOK