Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Here Above the Frostline, the hard freeze has arrived. Gone now are the roses. Even the hardiest Camellias have faded. But you know the truth.  The flowers are not dead. Trees are not dead. They inform us year after year that they are still alive, still as busy as they can be, doing what they must do until spring.

It is the same for us writers and poets. Even though we must hunker down for the winter, we do not hibernate. There is work for us to do, stories and poems to write. 

This is the ideal time to tidy up our writing rooms. It is time to revise and to complete older works that have been stored away. It is time to evaluate and ask ourselves,"Is there a magazine that wants my story?" or "Is my poem ready for publication? Have I given it to the reader?"   If your answer is "yes," submit it, mail it. By the time spring arrives, when flowers push up through soil and leaves sprout on the trees, your stories and poems too will live.

In the spirit of sharing markets for writers and poets, I'm posting my most recent info about FutureCycle Press. It is still in operation and quite active. They published the work of ten individual writers last year and in their anthologies, published the word of over one hundred other writers.  I had two of my poems published there last year, so I trust this press. Check it out. FutureCyclePress

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Robert S. King said...

Thanks for your mention of FutureCycle Press. Although I am no longer officially with the press, I still share a house and life with Diane Kistner, the press' director and my long-time guiding light.

The press is growing, and I'm happy to have been a part.

And thanks to you Nancy, for your continued devotion to poetry and publishing.