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Nancy Simpson's LIVING ABOVE THE FROST LINE, New and Selected Poems was published by Carolina Wren Press (N.C. Laureate Series, 2010.) She is the author of ACROSS WATER and NIGHT STUDENT, State Street Press, still available on WWW at Alibris and Books Again. Her poems have been published in Southern Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, The Georgia Review and other literary magazines. "Carolina Bluebirds" was published in THE POETS GUIDE TO THE BIRDS, Anhinga Press). "Grass" was reprinted in the 50th Anniversary Issue of Southern Poetry Review: DON'T LEAVE HUNGRY ( U.of Arkansas Press.) Seven poems were reprinted in the textbook, SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN POETRY,(McFarland.) Two poems were published in SOLO CAFE, Two more poems were published in SOLO NOVO."In the Nantahala Gorge" was published in Pisgah Review. "Studying Winter" was reprinted in Pirene's Fountain Anthology and "The Collection" in Collecting Life Anthology. Most recently, Southern Poetry Review Edited by James Smith, published "Our Great Depression," and The Southern Poetry Anthology Vol. VII: NORTH CAROLINA,Edited by William Wright, reprinted "Leaving in the Dead of Winter."

Saturday, February 7, 2015



Wild Things

Yellow-headed step-children, 
Persistent and wild, taking,
Taking orders from no one, uninvited
Each year appearing in the garden,
Blooming and sending out
Fluffy and white balls of seed
My children will wish on.
Each year more numerous
Than the year before,
Bringing friends with you,
Filling the garden of neat green
With dots of yellow.
Our ancestors did not call you weeds.
You gave them wine, coffee, and greens
And they called you dandelions. 


How does a sea creature know how?
    Who teaches a scallop to furl?
    Why does a sand dollar grow flat,
And conchs grow their homes in tight whirls?
     Oysters and clams have dull colors
    And coquinas grow rainbow arrays.
     Wondrous things along the seashore
   Never cease to amaze.
When we go looking for seashells,
    do we wonder where it all began?
Creatures so different and intricate,
    All taken for granted by man.

And She Laughed
"Caretakers of the world,
    unite, revolt," I said.
She laughed, my mother,
    Caretaker of my years.
She was dying, and she laughed.
    "You need to put the tablemats
Away at night," she had said.
  She couldn't control the cancer,
So she worried about small things.
    And she laughed.

Orange and Purple Sunset

How does God find the time each day
To paint the sky in bright array?
I'm traveling early morning roads
When the palette in the sky explodes.
It never ceases to amaze
To watch the sky become ablaze
As sunrise lifts o'er mountain haze
And colors come in streaks and rays.
It's times like these--cool, crisp, and clear--
I see his work, and God is near. 

The poems above by Kit Borden were first published in Out of Our Hearts and Minds, Poetry and Prose by the Transylvania Writers' Alliance (2006).

About the Poet:
Catherine (Kit) Townsend Borden was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but now lives with her husband David in Transylvania County with magnificent views of the mountains. However, Charleston and the sea still hold a special place in her heart, as do the beauty and friendships she finds while traveling in Mexico. She has taught all ages from preschoolers to adults, but children are her favorites, and she has written a number of stories for them. Kit also participates in fundraisers to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research, riding along on her scooter for fifty mile walks. She also used sales from the Transylvania Writers' Alliance's 2006 anthology to add additional moneys to that research. 


Joan Ellen Gage said...

Thanks Nancy, I enjoyed these, especially "Wild Things". Kit sounds like such an interesting person, as poets typically are!

Nancy Simpson said...

A correction has been made in the poem "And She Laughed" and should read "you need to put the tablemats.." Sorry for my mistake. Nancy Simpson