Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When is blogging fun? When it is written by published writers.  More fun when a connection is made in cyberspace that is so filled with humor it makes you laugh out loud. 

This is a click now, chuckle now for you.

In the right column click on KUDZU KOTTAGE and read this item:  "Must Read Glenda Beall's Purdy Cows." It is written by Lynn Hamilton Ruthrford, accompanied by "Cow Cow Boogie".

Get along.  And when you have read Rutherford's humorous story, she gives you a click link to "Purdy Cows" which is followed with  a poem by southern poet, Janice Townley Moore titled "Learning to Live With the Cows."  

Music, Music, Music.

Get along.  


Richard said...

Hi. Nanc. Just checking to see what's new. Mooo.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Richard, Thanks for checking in. I meant to tell you, Saphronia and Asbury fought all night last night. I didn't get a wink of sleep.

Lynn ... said...

Love you Mom! Thank you so much for the feature! I appreciate it VERY much!! Thank you for the YEARS of inspiration. You mean more to me than I could EVER begin to express!

I love you!

Judy said...

I just love this blog, Nancy. Glenda Beall's poetry and the background music lifts the heaviest hearts and makes me want to boogie, Cow Cow Boogie! What fun!