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Monday, July 27, 2009


How can July, the bright and the warm month, be so hard to bear? It's been sad for me with the death of a friend and with the two year anniversary of my son's death. The same flowers that cheered Jeff two years ago, outside his hospice window, bloomed again in July as if to say to me, "We're back."

There are so many different kinds of lilies. I noticed how tall they stand, even the short ones. They were not going to bend. Finally, I whispered to them, "I won't die from it." I went into the house and got my notebook and began writing their descriptions and studying to learn their names. Today I woke not sad anymore.

Cultivar: Happy Returns, rebloomer

Cultivar: Stella D' Ora, golden flower as compaired to lemon color of Happy Returns

Cultivar: Barbara Mitchell, 6 inch flower, repeat bloomer

Cultivar: Always Afternoon, mauve with purple throat, rebloomer

Cultivar: Pandora's Box, cream with purple throat, rebloomer

Easter Lily, Lilium Longiflorum, an Easter Lily yes, but it blooms in the ground in July
on the northside of the mountain.

Yellow Day Lily with Gloriosa Daisy

Star Gazer Lily

Cultivar: Little Business, rebloomer, red

Cultivar: Pardon Me, red dwarf, rebloomer

Cultivar: Razzmatazz, purple, yellow eye and lime green throat, rebloomer

Emperor's Butterfly Lily, tall, red-violet color with green throat. Flower 4.5 inches

Orange Day Lily, Hemerocallis fulva

Kwanzo Tripple Orange
Triploid culitvar


Carole Richard Thompson said...

Dearest Nancy,
As a Day Lily fancier, I particularly loved the gorgeous pictures you posted on your Blog. I enjoyed reading and catching up on your blog. We've been camping, and also had company, so I've missed getting back to my blog, but finally posted something this am. Good luck with your new class--I envy those students getting special talents for a week. Your classes are all wonderful. Love, Carole Thompson

karenh said...

Beautiful lily pictures, Nancy-- so many lovely varieties. I'm glad your notebook project helped you get un-sad. The pictures helped me feel a little less sad today too. The house is so quiet without Watson. The vet said he improved a little today.

Pat Workman said...

Well I certainly did 'consider' your lilies. They are an anthem of GLORY!
Just beautiful!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love this posting on the lilies. They are splendid. You have a great place to grow flowers.
Did you feel the tremors from the earthquake this morning?

Glenda C. Beall said...

Your lilies are gorgeous. I love them, but not in cut arrangements inside. I am very allergic to lilies, but nothing is more beautiful when growing in the garden, along banks and grouped in the yard. Thanks for sharing them.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Brenda,I did not know about the earth quake tremor. I 've felt it before years ago. We are on a fault line they say.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Nancy, beautiful day lily pictures of the different varieties. They do so well here. We try to add more varieties to our garden each year.

Tipper said...

I never knew the names of the lilies-I'm glad you shared them. And I'm so glad your spirits are brighter too.

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