Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Mole on the Pavement

"The Mole on the Pavement" a poem
by Nancy Simpson


by Nancy Simpson

We thought you loved the dark,
thought you had a good life
in your underground world,
but we learned different
early this morning
finding you frozen,
your thick hands held out.
We had nothing to give you
so we pretended piety
and walked away rationalizing:

He thought he could dig through asphalt.

He forgot mornings are cold here.

He wanted to live on the other side.


Carole Thompson said...

Nancy: Poor old mole. Don't you wonder what he was thinking? I'm glad you honored him with your poetry. That was quite a gift you gave him. Love you, Nancy--Carole

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks Carole,

Let's do this more often.

Being in communication with you makes my day

karenh said...

Love the poem. Poor mole. Hope you're happy on your beautiful mountain today.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Karen, I'e been thinking of you all day long. I hope your reading at Coffee with the Poets went well. I tried to imagine what you would read.

I've been working quietly today. I had a visit from a friend who brought me a copy of her newly published book. Guess who?

Later, I broke down and brought in my plants. We're tempting fate leaving them out, for sure, but flowers are still blooming in the yard. It is amazing.

Glenda Council Beall said...

I love The Mole on the Pavement, especially the last lines. Don't we all do that?

Nancy Simpson said...

If you are interested, this poem was first published at Mountain Heritage, Berea College and was later included in an anthology titled IN THE YARD.It was not included in my new and selected poems, but it may be added to my next published collection. I have not decided as yet.