Thursday, January 28, 2010


This full moon will appear larger and brighter than at any other time during 2010. It will be be seen as larger than at any other time since December 2008. Why? Because the full moon will be at perigee, which is its closest point to Earth. The closeness of the moon to the Earth will bring higher tides, so it has been said.

The FULL WOLF MOON, got its name from Native Americans, probably because of the cold January weather, zero temperatures, deep snow and howling wolves. The January Full Wolf Moon is also known as Old Moon and Moon After Yule.

Your chance to see the Full Wolf Moon has come. Clouds may block your view, but go out tonight, tomorrow night too, and take a look.

This amazing photo of the full moon at perigee was taken in December, 2008, by photographer Eric Ingmundson of Sparta, Wisconsin.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Full moons are gorgeous and I always enjoy them. They can also do crazy things to people. When I worked in retailing my staff of fifty women seemed to all be a little "nutty" during a full moon and I could always expect trouble from some of them. When we lived in the islands, you had to be very careful of low tide during full moons or you could run aground in your boat.

Stay warm and safe. I hear there's more snow and ice on the way.

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer said...

Fascinating--and great pictures!

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Sam, It is snowing hard right this minute and has quickly covered the woods but not the drive as yet. It is to dip to 30 tonight and and not be above 30 tomorrow. Oh My. I'll be snowed in again, but maybe it will not endure as long as last time.

I have plenty of food, water, heat, etc.

My dear nephew called me from Melbourne Beach this morning to tell me how beautiful it is in Florida today. You lucky lady.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

Yes, that moon was very bright last night in Palm Bay, Florida (just west of Melbourne Beach!).
I enjoyed your post and the photos.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks Jane Ellen Gage, I appreciate your visits and comments.

You Ladies in Florida, Oh! I envy you on days like today. There is a solid wall of ice beween me and the world. This is the killing freeze for sure. When I look out the windows or stand on my deck, I see nothing but white. It's ice on the trees and in what little sky I ever see. All White. Early this morning I saw my rhodendron encased in ice and bent to the ground. I cried and came back inside. The strongest perennials will survive, but some will not make it this year.

It is beautiful though. I won't lie. There are people who love this stuff. I have actually never seen a more beautiful winter.

Beautiful. Tell that to the millions of people from Oklahoma to North Carolina who are without power. At least I do still have electricity, water, and my back up gas logs.

My biggest hope is that the sky will clear long enough for me to see what remains of the great Full Wolf Moon.