Monday, October 24, 2011

STACKING STONES - DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE in the Southern Appalachian Mountains)

 True, this is the year (2011) I found myself many times walking along the banks of the Hiwassee River, in one place or another, in Hiawassee, Georgia, at several spots in Hayesville, NC and even down behind the old rock gym in Murphy, NC. I hitched a ride with anyone who would take me there.
(With Tim at Quanasee)

My favorite spot at the moment is near the old Quanesee Indian Mound at Hayesville. It was once a thriving Cherokee Village on a major trading route in the 1700s known as The Unicoi Turnpike.

Recently we found rocks stacked alongside the river. I do not know who put them there. I remember hearing stories how the Cherokee in Oklahoma often come to this area hunting their old ancesteral grounds.When I first saw the rocks, my guess was that a returning Native American stacked them.

Jeremy reminded me stacking rocks together is what friends do in Switzerland. And I remembered the Bible scripture that says "There is a time to gather stones together,"-- a symbol of unity at a marriage
in ancient days.

At the river with neighbor, Ruth. And another neighbor and exercise buddy Cheryl called me this past weekend and told me she had walked down by the river, and she described the stacked rocks. She said  she also took some good photos of the rocks.

 The Hiwassee as it flows through Hayesville, NC.

This photo taken in September on the Hiawassee River below Chatuge Dam, Hayesville (with Lynn.)

 Walking with Tim's friend, Kathy.

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Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Nancy, this is a fascinating and haunting post. To leave such rock cairns seems to be a way to say this place is special, sacred. I love to see them placed along trails and riverbanks.