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Friday, March 9, 2012

Jeff Davidson, NC Author shows A Room-By-Room Guide to Simplifying Your Life

    A popular book, by mega-author Jeff Davidson, promises to help you achieve a degree of simplicity in your life that you thought may no longer be possible. Simpler Living: A Back to Basics Guide to Cleaning, Furnishing, Storing, Decluttering, Streamlining, Organizing, and More (Skyhorse Publishing, 452 pages, illustrated), is a rare book, for many reasons.

    Currently #1 in the world on Kindle, in “household do-it-yourself,” and weighing in at nearly four pounds in hard copy, Simpler Living contains more than 130,000 words and 950 color photos. That might seem daunting until you actually flip through the book. It is a delightful guide that beckons the reader on every page with tips, charts, numerous anecdotes, and a variety of options for taking back control of one’s home, as well as one’s personal and professional life.

    The underlying premise of Simpler Living is that, in this overly complex age, where more and more distractions compete for our attention around the clock, there are antidotes to the complexity. In a methodical fashion, author Jeff Davidson lays out exactly what it takes to reclaim control of the spaces and places in your life, starting with your home, then moving on into personal finances, nutrition, leisure, and a variety of other areas.

    “As we proceed into the brave new future, the pace of life is probably going to accelerate beyond that which we all face right now,” says Davidson. “It’s important to understand that unless we establish the personal protocols right now that enable us to stay in control, we will have little or no chance in the future as the pace of new technology and information hyper-accelerates.” The good news, according to Davidson, is that we do indeed have the capabilities to maintain control of our personal environments, and that is what Simpler Living is all about.

    Rather than attempting to read the book from cover to cover, a gargantuan task for even the speediest of readers, Davidson cautions in the introduction to the book that this is not the most appropriate way to glean information from it. A saner approach, he advises, is to use the table of contents or index to find that section in the book which addresses some of the current challenges you’re facing. You’ll find several quick tips that will help you to make an immediate impact. As such, you can return to the book again and again and find great value, based on what personal issues are calling for your attention.

    Simpler Living is for everyone who holds any position of responsibility, at work, in raising children, in caring for the elderly, in managing a household, or in building a retirement fund,” says Jeff Davidson. “The book represents an ideal gift for yourself, as well as an ideal gift for others. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be pleased to receive it.”

    Simpler Living is available in bookstores everywhere, as well as online through all the major vendors. The list price is $24.95, but a quick visit to the Internet will yield $14 to $15 discounts. At any price, however, it’s a bargain.


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Joan Ellen Gage said...

Simplifying your life is a very hot topic,currently. There is definitely something empowering about decluttering. I am doing some at the moment.

Take care!