Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Matters of Life and Death from Above the Frost Line

"Old trees bend. Like women
and like men, they die and fall
or else the fall and die."
from "Living on the Mountain" --Nancy Simpson

Coming uprooted. Yes, trees die in the forest every day,
some from long term disease.

Life comes and then minutes, days, weeks, months go, leaving each of us with the truth of life. Life is hard for everyone. In my circle there have been too many new deaths and too many old deaths to relive. Dealing with the loss at the time of death is painful enough, so why are we required to hurt again and again, each time we touch the arm of his favorite chair, each time we polish her silver?

Catch me. I'm falling

Thanks, but just so you know, I'm still falling.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Beautiful Nancy. Our lives are very similar to trees aren't they?

Yes, we've had too many deaths among our friends recently. It makes one put one's life in perspective and, at the same time, also makes us sad.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This excerpt from your poem is touching and very true. Trees and people die. Life is hard. There's not any way we can escape suffering in this life. This is a thought-provoking posting and lovely photos of the trees. Thank you for sharing this great posting with us. Have a great weekend.

Tipper said...

Lovely moving thoughts.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

We know none of us will make it out of this life alive. We hold on to the memories of our loved ones like treasures, and watch the circle of life.