Thursday, September 3, 2009

September - A Rumor From Above the Frost Line

Living Above the Frost Line is a dwelling place for practicing poets. Up here, we give ourselves some extra growing time. As said before, we know the hard freeze will come, but until it arrives we shall grow and share our poems. Flowers bloom here until the killing freeze.

September is a hardy month. Flowers are blooming across the ridge. Insects are active. Bees swarm everywhere, in fact, I have to watch that I don't cross their bee line. Butterflies thrive in a butterfuly bush heaven.

Autumn Joy

Aster with bees

My favorite pathway with Knock Out Roses, Crepe Myrtle, Cleome, False Sunflowers and Japanese Lanterns.

As to the poetry here above the frost line, rumor has it that the poems will bloom this year, perhaps even beyond the hard freeze. Impossible, I know. It's a rumor.

Buddelia devidii White Profusion Butterfly Bush


Anonymous said...

You certainly know your flowers.
From your blog I'm learning the names to many I didn't know. As the old saying goes Nancy, "They are easy on the eyes." Thanks, Glenda Barrett

Anonymous said...

I think "rumors have it" and poems will indeed bloom above the frost line this year.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

You're quite a gardener Nancy. The flowers are beautiful. I am going to miss summer - it's my favorite time of the year.

Lynn Hamilton Rutherford said...

And the flowers were even MORE beautiful in person!! Mom ... thank you for a wonderful two days ... of enjoying the mountains ... drinking coffee on the porch ... and being with everyone!!! I love you and had the BEST time!!! Can't wait to see how the cabinets turned out!!!

I love you so much ...

Pat Workman said...

I would bet those rumors are correct. Can't wait to see/read/hear the fruits of your winter toil.

Nancy you have created the most beautiful Garden of Eden above the Frost Line!!!