Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Telling by Linda Taylor Kane

It comes to me sometimes,
what happened,
but when summer haze
wraps around these mountains
making them reflections
of the ones behind them, you can't tell
if they're fibbing about themselves,
or if they're really there.
They drape like drowsy shadows,
as though you could see right through them
if you just stared hard enough.

That's when I start to question:
Did it happen that way?

But the next morning when I wake up,
the day will be clear and cool.
Each one of these hills will be
right where it has always been,
its crisp blues and greens reaching up,
claiming its own named place.

Just so you know, when I'm telling you,
it's all in how the light plays.

--Linda Taylor Kane

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Glenda C. Beall said...

One of my favorite poems by Linda Kane. I'm so glad you posted this today.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Nancy, that's a beautiful poem and a wonderful description of our lovely mountains.

Pat Workman said...

Linda is a wonderful poet. I remember when I first heard her read this--it took my breath and still does.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

I love the way Linda portrays these layers of veiled mountains. Very nicely done.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love this poem by Linda Kane. Thanks very much for sharing this beautiful poem with us today. What a lovely description of our mountains.

Carole Thompson said...

Nancy, What a beautiful poem by Linda Kane, It is nice to wake and find that, at least, the mountains are still right there --- somthing solid and strong to hold on to. Enjoyed the photos, especially the cleome. Several have just appeared out of nowhere in my flower beds. I welcomed them. Love you, Carole

karenh said...

love that poem

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I can still remember this poem from hearing her read it at our poetry group. I'm glad you posted it again. It is such a poem that one likes to read again and again. Glenda Barrett