Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wild Goose Poetry Review

Contemporary Poetry, Reviews, and Commentary

Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadlines / Publication Dates
Summer 2010 July 31 / August 15
Fall 2010 October 31 / November 15
Winter 2011 January 31 / February 15
Spring 2011 April 31 / May 15
Summer 2011 July 31 / August 15
Fall 2011 October 31 / November 15
Submit 3-5 unpublished poems typed in the body of your email,
preferably in Times New Roman 12 pitch to
Scott Owens (
No simultaneous submissions, please. Our response time is
usually less than one month.
Submit no more than once per reading period.
Author retains all rights.
There is currently no compensation for published poems.
Looking for good contemporary poetry. No particular biases.
Enjoy humor, strong imagery, strong lines, narrative, lyric, etc.
Not a fan of abstraction, cliche, form for the sake of form,
shock for the sake of shock. As in any good poem, everything
should be purposeful. If accepted, I will request a 100-word
maximum comment on each poem. Choosing not to
submit a comment will not alter the acceptance decision.

Note from Nancy Simpson.

This is an On Line Poetry Magazine edited by Scott Owens 
that has published the poems of a number of my students: 
Karen Holmes, Carole Richard Thompson, Maren O. 
Mitchell and most recently Barbara Groce. You can 
read the entire issue on line. Read it and see 
if you have poems that will fit here.


Susie Swanson said...

I have maybe two or three I would like to submit. Do I just type them in the email in Times New Roman, or send them separate. Does it cost and how much?

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Susie, The guidelines say in the body of an e mail.
Yes, It says Times New Roman which seems to be what most want. Each magazine has individual guidelines.
There is no fee. There may be no pay either but it is a reputable on line Poetry Review. You have more of a chance if it poetry only. Send some poems. You
do not have a chance unless you at least submit.