Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Guitar" by Susan Laughter Meyers POET OF THE MONTH OF MAY 2011

Susan Laughter Meyers writes:
“This poem was  inspired by Boccherini’s Guitar 
Quintet #4 in D Major. I was listening to 
it while writing, and soon the music became 
the poem.”
On any given night it picks its way 
down the canyon, one step
almost in front of the other—agile enough 
to slip by whatever spells trouble. 
Forget fear. It slides down rocks, if it has to, 
to reach bottom. By day, a red bandana 
or straw hat, and why not?
No map, just crosshatch and parallel.
It inhales the heat, and the pinched cold
creeping off the mountain. 
It lives alone, turns its back to the wolves. 
Say it's a tin cup with bent handle. 
Peyote in full bloom. A train 
pulling rich cargo across the horizon. 
Tequila. A thumbnail piercing the skin 
of a lime, the ripe shower that follows.
First published in Crazyhorse; rptd. in 
Keep and Give Away (University of South Carolina Press, 2006).


Susan Laughter Meyers said...

Nancy, thank you so much for featuring my poems this month. How I'm enjoying your blog, and it's so good to learn of such a lively poetry community in your area. Folks there are lucky to have you in their midst!

Nancy Simpson said...

Susan, you have no idea how much I have been enjoying your poems. Thank you for sharing them with me and others. The month of May is not over yet. I'm saving the best and will post more of your poems before the end of the month.