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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do Poets Watch The Moon More Than Others Do? You Tell Me.

Photos of setting Moon at Perigee, and a close up of Herself.

If you saw the full moon on Jan. 10, 2009, Congratulations. According to N A S A this is the Moon at Perigee, and it will appear to be the largest and the closest of all the moons you will see this year.

Johanne Kepler explained the phenomenan 400 years ago. "The moon's orbit around Earth is a not a circle." he said. "It is an ellipse, with one side of the ellipse closer to Earth than the other." Astromoners call the moon at its closest point, Perigee.

I wonder about poets and other moon watchers. Recently more poems and more photos of the moon have appeared on the sites I read most often. Here and on the NC Poet Laureate's blog photos of this famous Perigee Moon were shared with you.

I'm curious. How many of you poets watch the moon? How many of you saw this "biggest, "fullest" moon? Scientists. Yes. I'm sure you saw it. But what about you poets?

Did you see it? Tell.


Glenda C. Beall said...

I could not see the moon on the night it was supposed to be the fullest, Nancy. It was cloudy and overcast here. I heard about it and wanted to see it.

Yes, the moon has always held a mystery for me and I love to watch the moon. I wonder how many poems were inspired by the moon or moonlight.

Nancy Simpson said...
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Pat Workman said...

I am a moon lover, Nancy, and yes, we saw that moon come up over Bow Teller. There was just a sliver of clear sky above the mountain. We rushed to take pictures but they did not do the moment justice. In just a few minutes the moon slid behind the clouds. It was a whopping beauty.

I can not sleep in moon light. For some reason, I find it highly irritating. My bedroom window faces east and I have to keep the shades down tight.

Really enjoyed this post --information and pictures. Pat

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Pat, Yea! It is so good to hear from you. I remember your poem Companion Moon.

Nancy Simpson said...
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Nancy Simpson said...

Glenda, I remember I could not see the moon rising and hardly ever do from up on the mountain because it is blocked by the high ridge. This month, the moon was right in my face but by the time It was up, it was too dark to get good pictures. I took many a shot. It was just too dark to show how impressive the moon was.

After I saw Kay's big full moon photo, I tried and
tried to get some shots, but was only able to get the setting moon, and you know, some of the shots were blurry.

I'll say this about the moon and me. If I forget to pay attention, she comes right into my bedroom and wakes me, saying, "Get Up. Come out."

Lynn ... said...

I love the moon, at up there the moon always looks bigger and brighter than it does anywhere else in the world! One of my favorite memories is sleeping soundly on the sofa upstairs and rolling over. That old moon shot a beam of light right into my eyes and JOLTING me awake! I love that old moon ... and can no longer keep count of the number of times me, you, and the brothers hung it up on Chatuge Dam! Good times. Good times!

Judy said...

I do, I do (hand waving in the air here, Nancy. LOL) The moon was beautiful and I was mesmerized. I admit I cheat though. I have several writer friends who are moon watchers and they let me know when something like the Perigree moon. I have a dog who lends perfectly to moon gazing with her need for her last walk of the night. I am glad for the priviledge. There's a connection because I always find a catch in my throat and a calmness the moon gazing brings. :)