Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FOXES a poem by Nancy Simpson


The sight of the pair
eating bread crumbs on the lawn
makes me imagine I want you
to come back, stand by me again.

Stunned by their green eyes
I am fooled into thinking
I hear you say, as you said,
in the last days of winter
they hunt together.

They are misplaced, they are starving.
But what power! They change me,
change you 800 miles away, wherever
you are. We are at the window
looking out, married in the agreement
that the free suffer.

by Nancy Simpson

First published in Portfolio 1984
Included in NIGHT STUDENT, State Street Press


Glenda C. Beall said...

I have always loved this poem, Nancy. Great photo to go with it.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks Glenda, Did you notice the last label?

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Nancy, this has always been a stunner. Your poetry does so much without over-doing it. Just enough--and the mystery trembles underneath and inside the words!

Nancy Simpson said...

Kay, Thank you for your encouraging words. It mans more to me than you may know.

karenh said...

Love, love it!

Anonymous said...

Nancy-This poem touches my soul. Anyone who has experienced gut-wrenching loneliness will read this and remember. Carole Thompson

Brenda Kay Ledford said...


I really like this poem about foxes. Do you still have these animals on Cherry Mountain?

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Carole, Long time no see on the blog. Thanks for the comment. Let me know when you blog is back in operation.

Nancy Simpson said...

Brenda Kay Ledford, My son, Jeremy and I saw two red foxes in the garden just outside the kitchen
window in January about three years ago. Doris Buchanan Smith, when she was alive, used to see them a lot. There has been much fox hunting done on this old mountain though. It is a sight when you see one, and more so wonderful when you see a pair.

Lynn ... said...

I love this one ... it's so amazing that each time I read it I get something different!

Melissa Greene said...

I really enjoy this site, and what a beautiful poem! Such tenderness to it.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Melissa Green from Tennessee, You are welcome Above the Frost line. Thank you for listing my blog. I appreciate it. Stop by often.