Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weather Report for Poets From Above the Frost Line - First Snow

Our first snow of 2009 fell last night and this morning, covering the road. The hard freeze did it's damaging deed in December. The only thriving plants are inside potted plants.

Poems? Yes, they thrive here above the frost line. So far, all our poems have endured the bitter cold of a southern Appalachian winter.


Lynn ... said...

It's so beautiful! You know, I've never seen a Cherry Mountain snowfall! I need to put that on my list of things to see SOON! The photographs are beautiful!!!! How breathtaking! And I see Jeffs tree is still standing there defying gravity. *grin*

Love ya!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Your pictures are wonderful. The snowy road looks just like our beautiful mountains.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello back to you ladies on this the second day of snow.

Lynn, It's hard to believe you have not seen the mountain dressed in snow. It is best saved til later when you do not have a daily routine and set times to be at work, etc. You will have this dream someday. It looks real but it is truly a dream.

Sam, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and Meekan are staying warm. Are you are getting lots of writing done on your island book?

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love your photos. I'm so glad a lot of wonderful poems are being composed above the Frost Line. You sure inspire a lot of us to write.

Nancy Simpson said...

Thanks, Brenda Kay,
You inspire me also. I follow your blog and hope others do the same.