Thursday, January 22, 2009

WINTER by Dorothea S. Spiegel

When wintertime comes to the mountains
bare branches make windows that show
an expanded world, with vistas
not seen by October people,

who come for the colorful autumn
and go before the leaves fall.
I see mountains tipped with tree-frost,
and a church; I see a steeple.

Now the sun can reach my house; it's
shining through my kitchen window.
There's a spring behind that rock, there,
sending water down to the creek.

There's a house just built last summer;
there's another on that mountain
where I saw the bear last winter.
There are squirrels playing hide and seek.

I'm so glad I stay through winter
in these mountains that I love.
Even when the days are cloudy
I can always look outside

and watch the birds come to the feeder.
On a clear, cold day there's sunshine
making speckles on the the tree-frost.
Bright views to see; I'll take a ride.

Previously published in LIGHTS IN THE MOUNTAINS
Stories, Essays and Poems Written in and Inspired by
the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Dorothea S. Spiegel lives in Hiawassee, Georgia.
She has been writing poetry most of her life and
at age 85, she still writes. Her poems have been
published in Atahita Journal, Freeing Jonah V
and in the anthologies IN THE YARD and in


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love this poem written by Dorothea. I'm so glad you posted it on your blog,Nancy.

Judy said...

This makes me homesick for the mountains. As wonderful as the weather is here in Florida, I'm always antsy to get back to the mountains. Love this poem!

Nancy Simpson said...

Judy, Thanks for the comment. I hope when you are back in the area, you will spend a day with us Netwest Mountain writers. These are women like you. We have some men too. I would love for you to meet Dorothea, who has been writing poetry since she was a girl in Upstate New York. The first time she took my class, years ago, she let me know immediately that she had a classical education and that yes, she knew who Walt Whitman is. Dorothea was recovering from a head injury and took the class to help rewire her brain. It worked. The outcome is that she made the switch from traditional verse to more experimental forms.

You will also meet Brenda Kay Ledford who posted above you. When she took my class the first time, she said she had never written a poem, and then went on to win first place in a poetry contest before the class ended. She was hooked and now has three chapbooks published, two of them at Finishing Line Press.