Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bright Colored Leaves and Flowers in Full Bloom Here Above the Frost Line

It is that oxymoron moment in time when bright colored leaves and flowers with full blossoms share the grounds of Cherry Mountain. Frost threatens and some flowers in the valley have bent low. But not here above the frost line. We do get an extension. Yes, I know, the hard freeze shall come, but until every every leaf has fallen and until every flower melts, it's that oxymoron time of year that defines the spirit in which we live here above the frost line.


karenh said...

beautiful pictures. Hope the flowers don't get zapped tonight.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Karen, Each year I go through this. This year in particular with the strange weather, I have wondered if the "above the fost line" magic will hold. Here is what it means, I don't get the frost, not the first one, not the second on. Only the killing freeze takes my flowers. If the line holds, which is not definitive, I could have flowers into the first week of Deccember. Probably more like good bye the week after Thanksgiving.

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