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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Poems by Glenda Council Beall, Poet of the Month for October 2009

It has been a pleasure to celebrate the poems of Glend Council Beall this month on this site -

The big news is that her poetry chapbook NOW MUGHT AS WELL BE THEN has been published. If you have ordered a copy, it will arrive this week.

The sensuous words of Glenda Beall’s poems carry the reader into unforgettable landscapes: the richly textured scenes of the rural south and those of the human spirit with its joys, challenges, and yes, its music.

Janice Townley Moore, author of Teaching the Robins, and winner of the Press 53 Poetry Award for 2009


Ballet in the Piney Woods

Little girl sunsuits littered the wiregrass.

Summer warmed small bronze bodies

that danced on the stage of a fallen oak,

to songbirds’ music from the mayhaw.

They felt, at five, the kiss of butterflies

upon their eyes, breathed honeysuckle air.

Like sylphs set free they twirled, arms open,

gathering the breeze against their bareness.

Chastised for their boldness by older girls

who barged into their glade,

the innocents saw themselves

and were ashamed.

Lift Your Glass

From the vineyard,

she burst forth

with a hint of blush,

a touch of dew

upon her cheek.

Battered by winds, rain and time,

rooted deep, she toughens

to a satiny sheen.

Finally, crushed by adversity

she emerges, life's

finest nectar.

Drink a toast to woman.

Previously published in Red Owl Magazine, 1999)

Here is more Glenda Counci Beall pubishing information.


"Big Sur" - Storyteller magazine 1996

"Snow Dreams" - Georgia Journal, 1998
"Mountain Seagull" - Journal of Kentucky Studies - 1998
"Inundated" - Journal of Kentucky Studies - 1998
"My Father's Horse" - Main Street Rag, 2001
"The Peach Tree" - Appalachian Heritage Summer Issue 2002
"Tomato Man" - Lights in the Mountains
"Scene from Yellowstone's Valiant Wild" - Kakalak, 2009
November Trees - Living with Loss, Winter issue, 2009
Womanhood"- Red Owl Magazine - 1999 (file titled Life Your Glass)
"Drought" - Lucidity, 1999
"Open Window" - Writer's Cramp 1997

"A Photograph of My Brothers and Me" - Journal of Kentucky Studies 2004
"Ballet in the Piney Woods" - Freckles to Wrinkles, Silver Boomer Books anthology
Essays published in:
"Forks in the Road" Anthology by Riemann publishing
"Mother's Reunion" - Reunion Magazine
"An Angel Named Amos" - Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers

"Confrontation", short story published in Muscadine Lines; A Southern Journal

Glenda Council Beall had a poem accepted for Living With Loss Magazine. "November Trees" will come out in the Winter Issue for 2009.


karenh said...

I got my copies of Glenda's book today. Can't wait to sit down and read, read, read.

Nancy Simpson said...

Karen, You're the lucky one. I hope to get my copy tomorrow.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

Kudos to Glenda! I got my book today. I, too, am eager to read it.