Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Nantahala National Forest in the Western North Carolina Mountains

At Winding Stair Gap Overlook - from Hayesvile, NC to Franklin, NC

Mystery Woman, seen at the edge of the forest. And when we looked again, she was gone.

(Okay. I will tell what I know. This woman is the daughter of old-time music fame Leon J. Cofer, who recorded with his brother Paul Cofer and The Georgia Crackers. People are still writing about her father today and The Georgia Crackers music is still being sold on the web.

The woman, I wonder what she is thinking as she looks across the Blue Ridge at the bright colored leaves. Her father, Leon J. Cofer was blind. He never saw her beautiful face.)

Tim, on top of the world at overlook above Shooting Creek Valley.

Approaching Hayesville, NC with mountains of home in the distance.

At Fires Creek in the Nantahala National Forest.

LEATHERWOOD FALLS located at Fires Creek in Nantahala National Forest
More Info on Leatherwood Falls:

Located within Nantahala National Forest, the 25' high Leatherwood Falls is also known as Fire's Creek Falls is somewhat visible from the Fire's Creek Picnic Area. a closer view may be obtained by crossing the creek. The creek is normally not very deep, but almost always cold and the rocks can be tricky. Travel to the top of the falls is possible via Leatherwood Loop Trail.

Picnic area at Fires Creek in the Nantahala National Forest


My Carolina Kitchen said...

What gorgeous photos of the leaves and our area. I've wanted to take some photos, but every time I find the time it seems to be raining. Thanks for the beautiful photo album.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

You've posted fantastic fall photos. We drove across the mountains this weekend and I don't think I've ever seen a more fantastic fall. The colors are so bold, and beautiful. I'm sure you have a lot of lovely leaves on your mountain, too.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Sam and Brenda, I'm thankful we got to get out for a ride across Winding Stair Gap this weekend while the weather was sunny. Here it is - raining again. I know I vowed never to complain about rain again if we would be spared another drought, and I am trying to be faithful to my vow.

Each year I think the leaves are more beautiful than the year before. I keep looking out, you're right Brenda, I have a mountain full of color right in my face. So, I went out about an hour ago on the deck and started taking more pictures in the rain. I just can't seem to stop myself.

glenda said...

Hi Nancy, driving up to Wildacres above Asheville was a glorious sight. We had a perfect day for the trip and the colors looked like your gorgeious pictures. But on the first day there the rain came and the wind was strong and the next day most of the leaves on top of the mountain was on the ground. Coming back I was happy to see that our area still has many beautiful views and the woods behind my house are still pretty.
Love your pictures.

karenh said...

Fabulous photos, thanks for posting. Glad you had a beautiful ride.